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Episode 67: Jacqueline Hampton - CEO and Founder of Portico Travel

“Travel for me is two things. It is a break from daily life because sometimes you need that, and it’s a chance to learn and explore and do something new.” - Jacqueline on travel

Hello Meaningful Travelers!

This is Daniela Lobo-Rivera and I’m a current intern at Travel With Meaning! I produced this podcast episode for season 4 of TWM™. I hope our community enjoys this awesome episode with an extraordinary guest as Jacqueline!

Jacqueline is a former investment banker and Time Inc media executive. Following her passion, curiosity, and desire to support the travel community in creating a more efficient way to organize travel, she founded Portico Travel. Portico Travel is like a travel buddy! It keeps everything you and your travel companions need for a trip in one place. In this podcast episode, Jacqueline talks about her early travel memories all the way to traveling after the COVID-19 pandemic. We also explore Jacqueline’s culinary adventures, as she is a culinary enthusiast and foodie!

In the podcast, Jacqueline tells us about how she has inspired travel in her family. She talks about a meaningful travel moment with her sister back when they were young adults. They both did a bus trip across Europe, which was visiting 8 countries in 14 days! Jacqueline describes the trip as an amazing bonding experience with her sister, and something that brought inspiration further down the road. It was very touching to hear about this experience, as I am someone that travels a lot with my brother. Some of my best travel memories and meaningful experiences are with my brother.

Jacqueline describes her family to be divided when it comes to travel. Some of her family members love to travel and do it a lot, the others not so much. I felt a connection with this moment. Growing up in a family that is like Jacqueline’s when it comes to travel has influenced a lot in how I see travel. While I do have close family members that have inspired me to travel and explore outside places, I also have family members that make me conscious of when to take breaks with travel and stay more local. As well, as a fellow foodie, hearing about her culinary experiences and how this also impacts her travels was just too good.

I encourage our community to check Portico Travel. As well, I hope you enjoy Jacqueline’s travel stories and experiences as much as I did. The podcast is now live, so go check it out!

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