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Episode 71: Sahara Rose De Vore

Hello Meaningful Travelers!

I’m Trisha Sacramone, an intern here at Travel With Meaning. I produced this episode of the podcast. It’s already been a few episodes since I kicked off season 4 of the Travel With Meaning Podcast but I am just as excited to present to you episode 71 with Sahara Rose De Vore.

We had the opportunity to speak with Wellness Travel Coach and Founder of The Travel Coach Network, Sahara Rose De Vore. The Travel Coach Network is a global community of travel coaches and travel professionals. Sahara is also a published author and global speaker. She spent over a decade traveling the globe as a solo female backpacker visiting more than 84 countries. Sahara has two passions within her businesses. One is to educate and inspire companies to tap into the wellness benefits of travel to enhance their employee, business traveler, and consumer experiences as well as coach and guide other travel entrepreneurs to build a travel business that is unique to their own area of expertise, which she does through her travel coach certification program.

What inspired me most about this particular episode is Sahara Rose’s honesty. She is extremely relatable to me because she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life and career after she graduated, but she decided that travel made her happy and she went with it despite all the outside pressures of society. I love this perspective. I also struggled deciding what I wanted to do until the very last minute when everyone told me I had to decide. Sahara inspired me to do things that make me happy, not things that I feel like I have to do.

Her first step on the plane to Ireland forever changed her life and led to many more adventures around the world. Her travels inspired her first book, “Hey You, Just Go!: 80 Countries by Age 30! A Guide to Designing Your Dream Lifestyle Even if You're Broke, Scared, or Don't Have Time” and led to her founding The Travel Coach Network. Her most memorable travel memories and stories can be found in this episode so I hope you listen and get inspired to go out and travel!

Check out the Travel Coach Network here:

Trisha Sacramone

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