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Who we are

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We are a travel storytelling community encouraging, inspiring, and supporting travel. Launched five years ago to bring together like-minded travelers to hear stories from a variety of notable guests who've been profoundly impacted by travel in their lives and careers.

Travel With Meaning also shares unique experiences, hosts live events, curated goods, a Travel Game Show -Where is This? and has a podcast streaming on all major platforms.  

TWM has both a human and planetary focus on respecting ourselves, each other, and our home, which we call Earth. As we wander this great planet of ours with wonder, and curiosity let’s leave it better than we found it.  #LeaveNoTrace.
In April of 2021we launched a partnership with Leave No Trace ( a non-profit organization leading the way to travel sustainably.  We adopted their Seven Principles of Leave No Trace providing an easy-to-understand framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors. The Principles can be applied anywhere — from camping in local parks, exploring beaches and mountains, and even in your own backyard for minimizing impacts.

Join us, and share your meaningful travel moments with our community by using the #TravelWithMeaning when something moves touches, and inspires you on the open road.  

For information on our offerings from Podcast, Travel Talk events, Roadtrips With Meaning & partnerships, email us at 
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our founder- Mike Schibel

Michael Schibel Founder of Travel With Meaning
  • SoCal Native
  • Community Connector
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Ocean Lover
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Fanatic
  • Bathtub, Spa and Hammock Connoisseur
  • Open Road Seeker
  • Eagle Scout
  • Experiential + Digital marketing disruptor
  • Former Talent Agent
  • Guru of optimism and instigator of awesome 
Thanks for stopping by, here's the full story:

I was born and raised in Pacific Palisades, California one of the most stunning places in the world. Nestled between Malibu and Santa Monica, I knew I grew up in a special place, but truly didn’t appreciate it until years later. I was always interested in seeing what else is out there. 
I was introduced to travel at an early age. One of my oldest memories is getting a postcard from my Grandparents from Egypt. I must have been five, but seeing the image of a camel in the desert with the pyramids (not to be cliche) with a note from my Grandma stayed with me. When we visited them I would be mesmerized by all their travel pictures.
My family loved to travel and go on adventures. We would take winter ski trips and a yearly summer pilgrimage to our lake cabin in Northern Minnesota. We even drove our station wagon one Summer from California. I was eight years old and I will never forget that trip.  We stopped at every National Park, Monument and random museum along the way. My most vivid memory of that trip was my brother Dave trying to push me out the back of the Station Wagon in Yellowstone.  Lucky we were stopped at the ranger station. LOL!
After a few years attending the University of Arizona, I was ready for something new.  I spent a semester abroad in London, exploring Europe, Scandinavia, and North Africa, stepping way outside my comfort zone, trying new things, and loving the adventure.  I made lifelong friends and had experiences that created bonds to this day.  I also learned to love and appreciate being a solo traveler at times, being ok to do my own thing as much as I enjoyed traveling with friends. My mind and heart were blown wide open from the semester abroad, sending me on a new trajectory deciding to transfer to Emerson College in Boston. I continued to explore new cities and meet new people. After earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism I returned back home to LA to figure out my next chapter.
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As life took its twists and turns I settled into my career in the entertainment industry as a talent agent/manager,  which I did for almost a decade. After a crossroads in my career and searching for a deeper meaning in my life I bought a one-way ticket to Australia.  Without a plan or knowing anyone I spent a year on the road, meeting interesting people, seeing incredible places, and having memorably inspiring conversations. Coming back to LA inspired and alive, again after my travels, I even started consulting for a travel brand I met on the road. 
My passion for traveling, storytelling, and community building led me to launch, Travel With Meaning in 2017. I created Travel Talk Live to bring travelers together to recreate the feelings I experienced on the road, building an authentic community to inspire and encourage others to travel.  In Spring of 2019, I launched the Travel With Meaning Podcast to continue to grow our community. If you're a fan of travel, great stories, and awesome people I think you'll like the Podcast. You can give it a listen here.  Don't forget to leave a rating.  Thanks in advance : )
I currently reside in Santa Monica with my partner Nicole, our dog Barbara Walters (Babs), and our cat Mija.  I love being outdoors, driving down roads I've never been on, surfing, hiking, camping, and chasing sunsets.  I also love a nice boutique hotel, great customer service, a wonderful meal, (I'm a breakfast anytime person), bathtub, (outside is a bonus), and a really good chocolate chip cookie. 

I feel beyond lucky, dare I say GRATEFUL AF to have conversations with really cool accomplished people about travel. This is what Travel With Meaning is all about: to encourage, inspire and support the future of travel + hospitality and for all of us to have and share extraordinary adventures. 

The journey is just beginning, I hope to see you on the open road!

If you're still reading, reach out. I'd love to connect!



"The Bermuda Tourism Authority Restaurant Weeks partnership with Travel with Meaning produced the kind of rich and rewarding content we were looking for. Through podcast interviews, Mike brilliantly brought to life the island's food and drink -- intertwining our Black heritage through the eyes of food visionary Eric Adjepong and, with Malcolm Gosling's help, he dug into Bermuda's fascinating history with black rum. Out here, we believe travel and food are inseparable; delighting taste buds is essential to an immersive cultural experience.

We appreciate Travel with Meaning helping us spread that message to culinary curious travelers everywhere."

–Glenn Jones
Former CEO, Bermuda Tourism

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