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How to travel with meaning WORKSHOP

Have you heard of transformational travel?
Perhaps you're familiar with the term and have even had a transformational experience yourself. What's the best way to share these meaningful moments with friends, family and clients? 

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A workshop that builds YOUR meaningful and transformational travel road map. This course is led by Mike Schibel, Founder of Travel With Meaning.


After interviewing hundreds of travelers as part TWM Podcast and TRAVEL TALK Live I started to notice common themes as part of guests sharing their meaningful moments.  

The more I became aware of the consistent mentions I started to classify them as the Principles of Meaning. Going back through past podcasts, live events and personal travel footage I constructed a road map of How To Travel With Meaning to help YOU identify your meaningful moments.


Our unique workshop is an opportunity to for YOU to learn and grow and share with your friends, family and clients to create a more fulfilling inner journey and outer adventure.

Are you ready?

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