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Joshua Tree National Park

Road Trip With Meaning


After months of staying home, it’s time to hit the road! Join us for a small group, guided caravan adventure to one of California’s most beautiful landscapes. Clear your head, connect with nature and share some memorable and  meaningful experiences.

Upcoming Trips:
Email hello@travelwithmeaning for dates and availability. Based on a minimum of two vans. 

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Road Tripping
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Learn more about yourself and connect with fellow travelers through a discovery program involving daily journal prompts, gratitude circles, discussions and more. Together, we can dig deeper into what it means to be human and live a life of purpose and joy.


Come and enjoy guided hikes and a wild caving experience that will push you to your limits. Or if you’re just feeling like enjoying a pleasant stroll through the desert, we’ve got you covered there as well! There’s something for everyone in Joshua Tree National Park.




Who said spending time in nature had to be uncomfortable? TWM has options for you to experience the freedom of van life! Spend three nights out in the desert in the comfort of your very own camper van. Each van comes with a queen bed, refrigerator, stove, cookware and more!


4 Days / 3 Nights under the stars in Joshua Tree National Park

Morning coffee, gratitude circle, meditation and of course breakfast!

Afternoon of sightseeing and adventure in the park with lunch on the open road.

We'll be exploring the diverse ecosystem of Joshua Tree by hiking to a desert oasis, crawling our way through a labyrinth of rocks and boulders and so much more. Ending each day with a healthy and hearty supper with a safe communal campfire experience.


We believe that nature not only provides us with adventure, but also a space for growth and connection with others. This is why each road trip will include a discovery program with journal prompts, group discussions and gratitude experiences that will help us to grow personally and together as fellow travelers. You can choose a program from the list below. 


Cultivating Vulnerability

One of the fundamental needs of all human beings is to be fully known and accepted But the only way to be fully known is to reveal your true self. In this program, we’ll explore what it means to be vulnerable with the right people and how this can foster deeper connections and longterm fulfillment and joy.


The Pursuit Is Happiness

We all want to be happy - but what is happiness and how do we find it? We’ve all heard the cliche that life is about the journey but what is the journey and how do we find contentment in the moment? We’ll explore all of this together as we dive into our collective pursuit of happiness.


Stable Through Change

This program uses the wilderness as a metaphor for our own personal journey as we navigate uncertainty. We’ll explore what shapes our identity, how we can thrive in difficult times and connect with others regardless of our differences.

Meet The Team

Mike Schibel

  • Instagram

Founder of Travel With Meaning and Host of TWM podcast.

Jack Steward

  • Instagram

Creator and host of Emmy Award Winning travel series, Rock the Park on ABC.


Traveling can be daunting, especially when it comes to spending time in the outdoors. It's difficult to know where to go, what you will need to bring and how to get the most out of your adventure. That's where we come in! We'll take care of the details. Everything from reserving camp sites, picking out activities and supplying healthy hearty gourmet meals for breakfast and dinner is taken care of. 


Our guided experiences offer tangible teaching moments and discussions with epic natural settings. With a focus on gratitude, we'll start and end our days together by diving into the heart of what it means to be human and live a life of fulfillment and joy.

Travel creates an opportunity to bond with fellow travelers and experience new places, cultures, and people that are outside of our comfort zone. The opportunity to transform is inherently possible in every journey. At TWM, we provide the foundation for openness, knowledge, growth, and happiness to accompany each of us while experiencing inner jounrey and outter adventures.

But it's not only about the deep stuff! Our trips are packed with fun!  We'll enjoy adrenaline pumping activities, games, share stories around the fire and as many s'mores as you can eat!


"I have never taken a trip like this before, but I am so glad I did because it was such a memorable experience for my wife and I. The outdoor adventures were amazing, meals were delicious and easy to cook, and there is nothing like ending the night under the stars and around the campfire. Mike and Jack were so welcoming and helped show us a new appreciation for nature, each other, and what it really means to travel with meaning."

Chuck B

Las Vegas, NV

We've Got You Covered

From camper van rentals, campsites, breakfast + dinner, guided experiences, meaningful conversations and awesome camping gear, we will do everything to make your journey and future adventures more comfortable and fulfilling.

full list of Road Trip offerings provided upon request


Price Starting At

Price does not include tax or gas. 
*Minimum of two vans 
* If you want to use your own tent set up a call and let's see what gear you have

Email hello@travelwithmeaning for dates and availability. Based on a minimum of two vans. 
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