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The Travel With Meaning Fall 2020 Intern Team


This is the essential question.

Simon Sinek, renown author and motivational speaker, believes that the ability to answer this question is what makes great thinkers and doers stand out. They understand why they do what they do, rather than simply doing it.

One area of life where this mindset is extremely impactful is travel. It challenges us to understand the purpose of our journeys, which gives our personal definitions of travel a unique meaning. Keep this in mind today as you step outside your door.

We recently asked ourselves this question here at Travel With Meaning. But before I dive in, let me introduce the team. Founder and CEO of TWM, Mike Schibel was introduced to travel at an early age, fostering his love for adventure and life on the open road. After a spontaneous trip to Australia, he returned to his home in L.A. and started Travel With Meaning as a platform for people to share travel stories, connect across the globe, and recognize their own inner explorer.

In hopes of acting upon his why, Mike added three interns to his team. Each of us have a unique view of what travel means. Fiona Torrese is a junior at Emerson College majoring in Peace and Social Justice. To her, travel is synonymous to love. She grew up in Miami, Florida traveling with family and friends she cares about, carving a special place in her heart for these memories. She attended a school in Idaho that balanced traditional subjects with outdoor activities, reconnecting her with education. Living in a yurt, hiking, and kayaking helped her grow into who she is today.

Ryan Ross, an Emerson College senior studying Visual Media Arts, associates travel with building strong connections with others. His parents worked in the airline industry, so travel became a core aspect of his life from a young age. He loves taking impromptu trips to channel his inner “nomad" and capture different perspectives of nature with his camera. When not exploring other areas, he enjoys exploring his hometown of Park City, Utah by mountain biking and hiking.

As for myself, I am a UCLA junior double majoring in Communication and Economics. Growing up in Portland, Oregon kindled my love for travel and being outdoors. Whenever I am in a new place, I explore it with an open mind to gain new perspectives and apply those perspectives to other areas of life. Last year, I witnessed Tanzania’s “Pole Pole” (“slowly slowly”) lifestyle. Now I carry that phrase with me every day.

To all of us, travel is a mindset. Fiona, Ryan, and I are beyond excited to join Mike at Travel With Meaning and to contribute to this growing community of travelers. The blog is a new element of the brand that we are launching, so follow us on instagram @travelwithmeaning to learn about future posts!

For now, we challenge you to ask yourself: Why? Why do you travel and what does it mean to you?

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