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SOLOCAST with Mike Schibel

Founder of Travel With Meaning

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Welcome to the first official solocast of the Travel With Meaning podcast. I’ve been enjoying bringing you conversations with interesting guests sharing travel stories and don’t worry we have three more interviews coming up with David Hertz, Angela Sun and Richard Bangs to close out season one. As I promised in the intro episode I was going to share some of my travels throughout the year and how travel has always shown up for me when I needed it. Something else I shared in the intro episode was I lost my job the end of January and I was thinking travel was going to play a big part of my life for the next few months. This episode is some of my thoughts, experiences and meaningful moments from travels my travels over the first six months of 2019. I found doing the interviews so much easier. Which means I’m going to have to lean into being even more vulnerable on my next solocast. Hope you enjoy…see you on the open road! Mike

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