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Shaahin Cheyene

Entrepreneur, Author, Filmmaker & Amazon Expert

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Every once in awhile we share stories of sheer determination, resilience and grit that it’s hard not to find inspiration in the journey. Episode 81 of the TWM Podcast features a conversation with a truly remarkable man, Shaahin Cheyene. He's the founder of the brain nutrition startup Accelerated Intelligence (AI), an award-winning business mogul, author, filmmaker, and inventor of Herbal Ecstacy, the nootropic that sparked the (100% legal) Smart Drug Movement.
Shaahin is the author of "Billon, How I Became the King of the Thrill Pill". His story of leaving home at fifteen, sleeping in his car and a few years later running a company making hundreds of millions of dollars to now where he is today- is remarkable. Along the way the people he met and experiences Shaahin had are unbelievable. As a serial entrepreneurial his career has spanned more than 30 years, earning over $350 Million. As a leading Amazon expert his products have outpaced Fortune 500 companies’ sales on the platform, selling millions of units worldwide.
This is an episode not to be missed and we highly recommend his book!

Listen to the full episode for a very special offer Shaahin presents to the TWM community. If you'e always wanted to learn how to sell on Amazon now is your time to learn.

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