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Founder of The Roark Revival

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Hello Meaningful Travelers! In this episode we speak with Ryan Hitzel. Ryan is the Founder and Creative Director of The Roark Revival, a brand that follows a wayward adventurer named Roark around the globe making apparel and trinkets inspired by the travels. Previous to Roark, Ryan was an Associate Creative Director on Volkswagen at Deutsch Advertising in Los Angeles. He resides with his family in Laguna Beach, Ca. "I grew up travelling a ton, and as an artist I’d do my best to document it through photography, painting and writing – often shows or books. It led me to 5 years working for Volcom in the Art Department in the early 2000’s and then as a Creative Director in Advertising prior to starting Roark. Around 2010, the surf and outdoor industries bored me. They were formulaic and sterile, too big. It seemed to me that they had lost their way. I saw a lack of storytelling and the types of adventures I enjoyed off the beaten path. There was little care about moments that enriched ones development and excitement to learn about other cultures. I thought I could apply the things I loved to a brand that did more than just make clothes and get tubed. It seemed like an opportunity to literally tie the stories to the product and create something that wasn’t a surf, skate or outdoor brand. A brand that was focused on the lifestyle of adventurism. Roark was born." Listen to the amazing and inspiring travel stories that Ryan has to share in this episode of the Travel With Meaning Podcast. Hope you enjoy this one!

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