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Big Wave Surfer

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In this episode we sit down with Big Wave Surfer and Pipeline legend Reef McIntosh. Growing up in Kauai, Hawaii, Reef was destined for a life in the ocean. I mean just his name alone…but the journey wasn’t always easy. Reef shares intimately of his early surf trips to the North Shore, Fiji and Tahiti. These are all places Reef dreamed about as a young groom. Through his passion, perseverance and patience it led him to live his dreams as a professional surfer. You will hear in our conversation Reef shares a crazy story that got him a lot of attention in the media from Sports Illustrated and other major news outlets when the jet ski he was driving went over one falls of a wave as well as over the head of Big Wave Surfer, Raimana at Teahupoo, Tahiti (click here to watch). Reef’s story is a great reminder that dreams don’t happen over night. Stay focused on what you want, go after it, strengthen that muscle everyday and trust your path with no expectations of when it has to happen. If you find yourself in Malibu check out the authentic and upscale Mexican restaurant Reef’s family operates Casa Escobar.

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