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Founder of Eclectic Companies

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Peter B. Cole; Founder, Eclectic Companies Peter was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. Yet, he didn’t really appreciate the “Midwestern Nice”, until he moved to the East Coast, went for a run and said good morning to everyone in Central Park, only to be looked at like a crazy person. Peter is a lifelong hospitality veteran, whose eclectic sense of curiosity has led him to distinct leadership positions. He started his career at Marriott in the world of finance supporting the company’s MA efforts. His financial skills allowed him to experience various sides of the hospitality business from hotel development through operations to corporate office. Peter gained a deep understanding of the luxury industry and international operations during his time as the CFO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Later, his knowledge and wealth of expertise enabled him to successfully lead the Marriott/Starwood integration as Managing Director. During this time he oversaw a wide array of activities, including hotel operations, organizational design, talent management, loyalty programs, system integration, financial management, and unit growth. Most recently, Peter was the CEO of Design Hotels, a highly curated portfolio of independent, design-driven hotels that function as social hubs and spaces for purposeful experiences. This time helped Peter deepen his belief in the power of working through a community and of curating experiences. Under his leadership the company launched Further, a laboratory for collaborative culture, and won a Skift Innovation award for its original Virtual Retreats. Through these experiences Peter saw an opportunity to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs capture emerging trends by leveraging his background and expertise. Consequently, he formed the Eclectic Companies. Peter is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and holds an MBA from the University of Maryland. He is an avid swimmer and cyclist, and he loves to travel and explore new places. He enjoys a strong espresso, a good glass of wine or a neat pour of bourbon while listening to an eclectic collection of music.

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