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President & CEO
Gosling International Limited

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Founded in 1806, the Gosling’s brand achieved renown almost exclusively because of its distinctive dark Bermuda rum. That soon changed when Malcolm Gosling took the reins in 2003. As the seventh Gosling to steer the Bermudian family business, Malcolm brought an abiding respect for the brand heritage to the table, but he also brought a contemporary sense of marketing, business acumen and appetite for growth. Born and raised in Paget, Bermuda, Malcolm attended Boston College and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, then returned to join the family business. Almost immediately he realized the considerable export potential of the locally popular Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. In 1985 he became Director of Gosling’s Limited where he oversaw domestic product and sales operations while also mapping a strategy for eventual entry into overseas markets. With time and perseverance, Malcolm advanced to Vice President and Managing Director of Gosling’s Limited. In 2003 he finalized the formation of Gosling’s Export (Bermuda) Limited where, as President, he launched his long-planned strategy to expand the family brand worldwide into new markets with new products. First step was forming Gosling-Castle Partners, Inc. in the U.S with Malcolm as President and CEO. Second step was relocating to Boston with his wife and two children where he could better focus on his aggressive plans. Since then, Malcolm has taken a series of determined steps to ensure that the Gosling’s brand name and products continue to expand in popularity. Today, the brand once known in limited regions for its unique Black Seal Rum is becoming known internationally not only for its signature dark rum but for a range of products, programs, awards, and honors.

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