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Finnian Kelly

Intentional Coach

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Dubbed “the Business Mystic,” transformational Intentionality coach and speaker Finnian Kelly is known for his unique ability to awaken consciousness in business leaders, and inspire entrepreneurs to find deeper levels of meaning and purpose in their endeavors.
As the founder of Intentionality, Inc., a comprehensive philosophy and program designed to help everyday people create extraordinary futures, Finnian leads world class events and retreats inspiring attendees to connect deeply with their businesses and themselves.
Known for his 1:1 Intentionality coaching and his immersive group experiences empowering leaders to shift their mindset and acquire tools that will enhance all areas of their lives, Finnian offers unmatched resources and guidance for professionals of all ages and backgrounds to live in alignment and discover their true nature.
Finnian travels the globe as an ambassador for living with Intentionality. His work with individuals, teams, organizations, and underprivileged communities has been featured on National Geographic’s Undercover Angel, Business Insider, Forbes, Sky Business, ABC, Smart Company, and more.
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