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April 30, 2020

Travel With Meaning and Kind Traveler present TRAVEL TALK - The New Road Ahead

Hosted by: Mike Schibel, Founder,Travel With Meaning Jessica Blotter, CEO , Kind Traveler


Special Guests: Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau & Danni Washington

Meditation with: Ian Hoge


Raffle of great travel related prizes, thanks to our partners: Sonoma County Tourism, Timber Cove ResortYellow Leaf Hammocks, TOMS, Osprey Travellers AutoBarn and Goodr.


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We recently had a chance to sit down with International Travel Writer Alexandra Cheney. She shared stories with us about her love and experience driving luxury sports cars in exotic places, for a story of course. Traveling the world as part of the Watson Fellowship which helped her become a professional surfer and later the first ever Culture Reporter for WSJ, followed by a Senior Reporter position with Variety. Alexandra's focus on luxury wellness, automobiles and adventures lead to some great travel stories. Enjoy!


TV Host / Explorer Rachel Rudwall has had some epic adventures all over the world. From working in remote parts of Alaska as a producer on popular reality TV shows to traveling to fifteen countries in three months as the STA World Traveler Intern. Rachel's travel and life experiences have made her one of the most popular TV travel hosts. She was a recent Travel Talk guest and shared with us some of the more meaningful travels she's experienced.


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