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Danny Guerreo

Founder of The Culturist Group

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In Episode 87 we speak with Danny Guerrero, Founder, The Culturist Group (TCG). His accomplishments are astounding and driving change.
In this episode we hear Danny's meaningful travel stories from his first international trip to Korea, his experience interning for San Diego Tourism Board and the special trip to Paris with his mom. Also sharing about the work his doing now and how it all began.
It was Danny's connection and commitment to local communities throughout his twenty plus years in travel marketing that inspired him to launch his own company, The Culturist Group (TCG).
TCG is a 100% minority-owned travel marketing company. As a thought leader for multicultural and diversity in travel Danny has been an active proponent of culture-forward thinking for travel brands and destinations as a means to help increase equity and inclusion in the travel industry.

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